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Healthcare Provider Seeks Contracts Support and Finds a New Team Member


Navigating employment law and HIPPA regulations requires the expertise of an experienced attorney who can pivot between various practice areas with ease. For our client, a prominent healthcare company, that versatility was non-negotiable. However, their talent search failed to produce a qualified candidate. They quickly learned that attorneys seasoned in healthcare mandates and regulations were relatively scarce in the local market. Rather than wait any longer, our client’s General Counsel was ready to look for outside help.

Over a three-year period, one of our recruiters had built up a healthy rapport with the client’s General Counsel. The client knew about our expertise in placing temporary attorneys nationwide and that our recruiters, all former practicing attorneys, understand the challenges facing corporate law departments. Given that connection and our reputation for excellence, the client made a calculated decision and enlisted Assigned Counsel to fill this challenging temporary position.



Before we began our search, we had learned a great deal about the client’s values, culture, and candidate criteria. Legal expertise alone would not suffice. The type of person who would thrive in the role would need to be a friendly and collaborative professional capable of completing the task at hand in a fast-paced environment.

In a usual situation, we would present remote attorneys who could review and draft contracts from anywhere in the United States, yet we knew the client wanted local talent who could work on-site. We adjusted our recruiting strategy accordingly and were off and running.

We canvased our local talent pool, searched top legal job boards, and leveraged other sourcing techniques to pinpoint the perfect candidates for the client’s temporary position. Using our vetting process, we were able to narrow down our submittal to a single attorney we knew they would love – and they did.



The temporary attorney we placed exceeded our client’s expectations. Her capabilities and alignment with their culture guaranteed that their contracts were air-tight and delivered on demand. In fact, she impressed them so much that they decided to convert her into a permanent member of their law department staff.

Since that first placement, Assigned Counsel has provided the client with thirteen other temporary attorneys. Our attorney candidates have provided them with precise contracts covering equipment, technology, physician-researcher, and employment.

Now, whenever our client needs temporary talent, they reach out to us without fail. They believe in our ability to find local talent who can keep their healthcare company compliant with legal statutes and federal mandates as they focus on providing the best value-based care possible.

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