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Corporate Lawyer Salaries in Chicago: Where Do You Stand?

As one of the largest and busiest cities in the United States, Chicago is home to many major businesses.  The legal departments of these corporations are often located in the Chicago area, making a career in corporate law a realistic option for Chicago-area attorneys with the experience and skills these companies look for. Corporate Lawyer… Read More »

Why Career Fulfillment Matters for Attorneys

Some attorneys enter the practice of law out of a passion to change the current rules or to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with legal problems.  Others seek an intellectual challenge, job security, or a potential springboard to politics or other careers. Whatever your reason for joining the ranks of the… Read More »

Promoting Your Personal Brand as an Attorney

Law firms and legal departments no longer take over the careers of their rising attorneys in the ways they once did.  This frees young attorneys to develop their own careers and promote their own personal “brands” in more innovative and true-to-life ways – but it also puts the responsibility for doing so squarely in each… Read More »

Networking Mistakes Attorneys Can’t Afford to Make

Attorneys rely on a number of professional skills – and one of them is making valuable contacts.  From obtaining a second opinion on a sticky legal issue to calling in expert witnesses, attorneys rely on their networks, whether they’re currently working in their dream position or are still searching for the right professional fit. Consequently,… Read More »

Are You a Lazy Career Manager?

None of us want to think of ourselves as “lazy.”  Certainly it’s a word no candidate would use to describe themselves in a job interview.  But if you’ve recently begun saying things to yourself like “I’m not interested in the money,” “I’m not all that ambitious,” or “I’d rather….”, chances are good that your career… Read More »

How to Manage Time in Your Contract Attorney Career

Time is a major concern for most attorneys.  Law is a time-intensive practice, and it often feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get properly “caught up.”  For contract attorneys, this problem may be exacerbated by temporary assignments in which flexible hours lead to long work stretches followed by days or… Read More »

Law School Grads Turn to Temp Work

The recent recession hit law firms and corporate legal departments along with the rest of the U.S. economy. To improve efficiency, many legal departments have started relying on contract lawyers for help with a range of tasks. To earn valuable experience and establish relationships within the legal profession, many new law school graduates are taking… Read More »

Contract Attorney Jobs in New Jersey: A Day in the Life

If you’re an attorney looking for work in New Jersey, contract work may offer a valuable opportunity.  Law firms and legal departments are relying ever more on contract attorneys.  These professionals are hired on a temporary or per-project basis, offering flexibility and the chance to build work experience in new areas without committing to a… Read More »

2015 U.S. News Top Legal Schools in the Country

The U.S. News law school rankings consider factors like average GPA and LSAT scores, location, tuition, and number of students.  Each year, law schools and prospective law students alike use the U.S. News rankings to analyze and promote law school programs. This year, the U.S. News and World Report reports that a number of schools… Read More »

2014 Salaries: Contract Attorney Jobs in DC

Contract attorneys fulfill many important functions in law firms and corporate legal departments. For attorneys who work on contract, the opportunity can provide valuable experience, exposure to new and challenging projects in the law, and a chance to take a “trial run” with a legal department or other employer before saying “yes” to full-time, regular… Read More »