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Why Career Fulfillment Matters for Attorneys

Some attorneys enter the practice of law out of a passion to change the current rules or to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with legal problems.  Others seek an intellectual challenge, job security, or a potential springboard to politics or other careers. Whatever your reason for joining the ranks of the… Read More »

Technology Trends Shaping the Legal Industry

Technology Trends Shaping the Legal Industry The legal profession has a reputation for being among the last professions to embrace any new change in technology.  Technological innovation has improved service delivery throughout the legal field – and law firms and legal departments that don’t take a proactive approach to these changing trends do so to… Read More »

4 Secrets to Standing Out in a Competitive Job Market

The legal field is a competitive one for legal support staff and attorneys alike. To catch the attention of hiring managers in law firms and legal departments, you’ll have to stand out in ways your competitors do not.  Here are four secrets to making your application shout through the crowd – in all the right… Read More »

2015 U.S. News Top Legal Schools in the Country

The U.S. News law school rankings consider factors like average GPA and LSAT scores, location, tuition, and number of students.  Each year, law schools and prospective law students alike use the U.S. News rankings to analyze and promote law school programs. This year, the U.S. News and World Report reports that a number of schools… Read More »