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How to Create a Lean Mean Legal Department

In-house legal departments juggle more than just legal issues.  They also face constant pressure to thrive under limited budgets and increasingly stringent and detailed expectations.  Consequently, efficiency and resourcefulness are in high demand. How can your legal department trim costs while maintaining – or even improving – the quality of the services you provide?  The… Read More »

How to Create a Work-Life Balance and Improve Productivity

Thriving as an attorney means sacrifice. Often, it means long hours at the office or even longer hours in negotiations, mediation, or a courtroom. But when a lawyer puts all of his or her effort into the job, at the expense of a supportive personal life, productivity suffers. Short-term gains are lost in the long-term… Read More »

Trends in Legal: Law Departments Turn To Legal Support Services to Reduce Excessive Fees

“Outsourcing” is a well-known business term, and one that has gotten extra use in the recent economic recession.  In-house legal departments have also begun to tap into the benefits of outsourcing by turning to external legal support services for tasks like transcribing, document review, and even joint defense litigation. By using external legal support services,… Read More »

How In-house Counsel Achieve Success

Law Departments are resources consumers, not revenue generators, so when law department managers start to discuss ways to demonstrate efficiency, the most common – and least original – idea is to decrease overhead.  The most effective law departments, however, have found that cost-cutting is not the only way to create successful results, and that for… Read More »

Resumes…and peeking behind the cyberspace curtain

Hello.  I am Elissa Outtrim.  As the Senior Recruiting Attorney for the Delaware Valley office of Assigned Counsel, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking and meeting with many of you over the past five years.  Rest assured, I genuinely enjoy our conversations.  I’ve been asked to set “pen to paper” with a blog entry.  I… Read More »